Vodafone Corporate Head Office

Vodafone's Head Office is located in the UK. The address is below:

Vodafone PLC Head Office Headquarters in the UK: 
Vodafone House, The Connection
NewBury, ENG RG14 2FN
Corporate Phone Number: +44-1635-33251
Corporate Fax Number: +44-1635-580857
Corporate Email: n/a
Corporate Stock Symbol: VOD

Vodafone is famous for smart phone and cell, phone service worldwide. The company is one of the largest mobile phone and wireless internet providers in the world. Vodafone's main competitors are BT and Deutsche Telekom. Vodafone's toll-free customer service number is 0870 0700191 or 191 from your Vodafone. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  1. im not happy with the service as i have phoned you for every day for two weeks and i have been onto customer service for the last two weeks all i want is my new sim to be actived with my wife number my name is james gray 30/10/72 my number is 07891315018 and my email address is JAMESGRAY1972'@yahoo.com please resolve this by tonight or ill be sending phone back and going with a another company

  2. Hi All .I have been complaining about the fact that Vodacom in South Africa have been selling sub standard modems for the last 3 years .The company is rubbish .But you know what they say the head of the fish stinks first never a truer saying in this case .

    Thank heavens my contract expires in August There just has to be a better or least worse company than Vodaphone one can use .

    Regards White @ live.co.za

  3. I am furious I recently changed my SIM card due to the phone being washed, it has been a complete nightmare ever since, I have contacted the live system twice , if I try and ring a helpline number the mobile number is not recognised, I eventually got through to customer services and was on for an hour, a call was logged, I have heard nothing ! I then contacted the live system and they said the phone is not activated and to go back to the sim shop, I have phoned them and they said everything is live, yet I cannot use my phone, I cannot top up and this has been over three weeks now ! I have emailed the CEO office and not heard anything, this is appalling ! Please call 01495 775440 regarding 07767 848565
    - a furious customer !

  4. if you ring the number above it takes you back to the automated system and is a waste of time ! its not a complaints line !

  5. tried to cancel my contract due to Vodafone messing me about. poor service and rubbish communication. won't cancel contract without a hefty fee which is unacceptable as iv been on fone everyday for hours being passes from pillar to post

  6. I have been e-mailing for over a month and no-one can help. The automated response is they have received the e-mail and will deal with it. The actual response was soory but we can't help you contact vodafone. The e-mail address was given to me by someone at vodafone. They have now sent a text with a threat of future credit problems to my daughter. I have now spent four hours on the phone, three in a vodafone shop and four hours writing letters and e-mails. How hard is it for someone to reply?? No one available on live chat. Would never ever use vodafone again.

  7. My son bought a IPhone 6s from vodafone nearly 2 months ago, it still doesnt work, and trying to get help is becoming a joke, the CEO said he was going to fix Customer care, he hasnt.


  9. Paula Harris
    I ordered my up grade phone with Vodafone on the 3rd April 2016, it is now the 7th April and I still have no phone!!!!!!!!
    I have repeated my name, address, and other details OVER AND OVER again its beyond me how my phone still has NOT reached my address
    I WILL NEVER USE VODAFHONE AGAIN the service is shocking
    I bet they will want me to pay the bill from the first date!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well done Nick

    Brilliant expose of incompetence and lack of understanding by a multi-national company.

  11. I am on pay as you go Well one night i put a fiver on my phone at 9pm The next morning i had a text saying i have one pound of emergency credit left Which is really amazing to me as i live alone and no one can use my phone without me knowing and i never even made any calls It was late i was tired and just went to sleep after a long days work So just wondering how much they taken of other people without them knowing I went into vodashop today to ask about this What i got [after waiting for an hour to be told to call [cough[ adviser ] a phone number which i have tried And Guess what !!!!! ALL OPERATORS ARE BUSY !!!!This call cost me 3pounds and i was told it was free I still use mt voda fone It makes a great alarm clock Thats all all its good for now At least thats free [[[up to now]]

  12. My husband took out a contract just over a couple of years ago, visited our local vodafone shop in Spring this year....was told contract only had a couple of weeks to go.Cancelled and took out contract elsewhere. No further contact until about a month ago when we received a letter from a debt collecting company informing us we owed over £100 pounds! Threatening with debt collectors and black mark on credit rating etc. Phoned vodaphone shop ....called a liar ! No callback as promised. Phoned debt collector - told matter back in vodaphone's hands. Went into different vodafone outlet where we were finally given a helpline to call. We did ....again not helpful. Insist we were emailed ....I do not delete emails often .....there were none! Being left no choice we paid ....amount had gone up during time we could not contact anybody and where promised call backs did not happen. Had marked up to experience and were reluctantly moving on .....Yesterday we received ANOTHER threatening letter informing us we were still due almost £80 !!!!!

  13. My contact is 919674300155. I have out of loyalty emotion taken data card No. 9674164118 in India. Paid 6 months rent in advance against a offer letter from GM Vodafone Kolkata. But in first month they have sent a bill amounting total 6 months rent. They have shown as adjustment amount in bill, thereby accounted total collection as Revenue but deliverables as NIL. This is an Inflated accounting act and is punishable. A customer be provided invoice for accounting the expenses against each month. In books of account adjustment can not be shown as expenses. They have been pointed out vide 100s of mails but the aptitude of people in Kolkata Vodafone is alarming. I have lodged a claim on harassment too. Not settled yet.

  14. Don't ever buy a Dongle ..... Constantly no signal, laptop screen on hold all the time, costly, unacceptable service. Leeds city shop sold me a dongle, it was faulty, gave me a replacement, that is also faulty, £20 last for 3 weeks with limited use .. if you can use it at all !!! My laptop is a HWP Inspiration new - I am told when I phone Vodaphone ..when I eventually get thru...that Bradford has a very good signal for this type of device. Complete Tosh !! Going to EE and buy their new HUB.

  15. Respected sir

    Sir is my mobile number 9999707902. I have a postpaid SIM linked to Vodafone since last 1 year and my plan is from 199 and the last 4 months of the bill is 1100 Hundred and sometimes 750. May talk to your customer care executive. If I do, he says that he has put his value added service, so the bill is coming up more and I will make your bill KAM, but this will not happen again but it will happen again. And this time it happened. I made my bill 709 rupees when I talked to the customer care, then they said that your bill has been increased by 349 rupees, but you give it 349 but this is not my number 18 I have been troubled by those days. Who is responsible for those problems? Who would be responsible? I think Vodafone company makes the customer mad, it is a very poor company. PLEAS HELP ME SIR.


  16. 3 Complaints raised with Vodafone, who can't be arsed responding to any of them!

    Vodafone are the absolute image of a greedy company who couldn't care less about delivering any form of basic customer service. You deliver everything as cheap as possible, to bolster your own profit margins and pay your CEO a fat bonus, while your customers suffer in absolute misery!

    Shame on you, and the Telecoms watchdog for not fining you more until you sit up and pay attention to your customers!

  17. Cancelled contract in October 2019 was not done correctly at their end and then i was charged rentl up to january which i had constantly complained about. I was given a total balance owed of £162 + £25 late payment fees for a contract i had cancelled and was not using!!! DO NOT USE VODAFONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. What a total Fiasco after some 30 odd years with your company I started a new contract last week 23.09 19 and ordered a new I phone 8 well it arrived ok but within 4 hours I was LOCKED OUT !!!!! so I went on to your help line and the very nice man tried to help but only succeeded in locking me out for 5 hours !!!! this morning my phone had on the screen Disabled connect to I Tunes ???? Anyway I went to my nearest and was told they could not do anything I needed to contact Apple !!! Onn getting home Apple took over my comp. but to no avail it did not work so we tried again No Joy and again to be told the phone may have a fault...… So I tried for a replacement phone Firstly VodaPhone said it was Apples problem !!!!! then Apple said it was Vodaphones Problem as they supplied it!!!! back on to Vodaphone who eventually put the blame on One Com who now run my contract and I am still awaiting there reply to my request for a phone that actually works . Come on Voda Phone help me out here I need my mobile phone or perhaps you would cancel my new contract and after 30 yrs I will go elsewhere !!!!!!!!!

  19. As the Beatles sang "Help" I have been a customer of your for over 30 years and have I been given the "run a round today after receiving a new I phone8 yesterday it lasted all of 5 hours before locking me out So I went on line and was taking through what to do to connect me and that resulted in me being locked out for 5 hours
    !!!!! Today my phone is Disabled connect to I Tunes !!!! so I took it to my local Vodaphone Store who said it was a Apple Problem !!! So I went on line to Apple and after 3 failed attempts to unlock my phone I was told it probably had a fault !!!!! So contacted Vodaphone for a replacement as I only had it less than a day and was told it was an Apple problem so I contacted Apple and was told Vodaphone supplied it its there problem !!!! So back on to Vodaphone and was told you have been with us so long your contract is now with One Com ?????? so I contacted them and a very polite lady said it was terrible I will call you back in 2 hours (Still waiting) all I want is a phone that works Vodaphone surely after 30 odd years of never missing a payment *I deserve more than this being shoved here there and everywhere!!!!!If you don't want my contract cancel it and I will take my business elsewhere Arthurfowles2310@gmail.com I don't expect anyone will read this let alone act on it