Foot Locker Corporate Head Office

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Foot Locker Head Office Europe
Ir.D.S. Tuijnmanweg 3-5
4131 PN Vianen
The Netherlands
Corporate Phone Number: 011-31-3473-23300

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  1. On 12 December 2018 I ordered:

    Nike Air Max 97 Premium Mens Shoes Size 6.5 SKU: 314213483804075 in black-white-varsity red for my son for Christmas. To explain we are not a wealthy family, far from it. I am a single parent, I work full time and in the evening too. My son really loved these trainers and so we agreed that this would be his only present for Christmas as they are very dear and I have two sons to buy for.

    The order was delivered to my place of work and I did not open the box as the order summary sheet was correct.

    On Christmas day my son opened his gift to find that the shoes weren’t the ones that he chose, or that I ordered. My son, to his credit has been very understanding although he was visibly disappointed. I assured him that it would be sorted.

    I called Footlocker on Boxing day and spoke to Luigi whom informed me that I had to arrange for UPS to collect the shoes and await a refund and then I could order some more. I explained to Luigi that I did not feel it was fair to expect me to arrange UPS, wait in for collection, wait for a refund and then re-order and also said how could he guarantee that this wouldn’t happen again. Luigi then said I could take them back to my local store some 24 miles away! 48 mile round trip, petrol, parking and that’s without traffic! I could also get 10% off my next pair of trainers – which wouldn’t even cover the mileage! I explained to Luigi that ordinarily if the problem with the order had been my fault, I could appreciate this returns policy but the order was not my fault in anyway whatsoever. I asked to speak with a supervisor and he said everyone was on holiday. I asked him to escalate the matter and have someone contact me. No one has contacted me.

    I then called Footlocker again on 27th December 2018, went through the whole process again and asked if the matter had been escalated, I was told “I don’t know”, I asked that the matter be escalated again and still no one has called or emailed me.


    On 28 December 2018 I tweeted Footlocker and messaged via Twitter but have heard nothing. I have Tweeted and messaged several times without reply.

    I have Facebook messaged and still no reply.

    I have emailed as per Google but this bounced back. I have emailed, several times, and received several ticket numbers and emails confirming receipt and promising to get back to me and guess what… nothing.

    I wondered whether anyone else has experienced a complete lack of customer care from Footlocker and so looked on line and it is an absolute disgrace. There is no customer care, customers are being ignored. It appears that once Footlocker has a customer’s money that is all they care about. I assure you customer care ensures customers come back. A firm’s reputation is very important especially in these times of Social Media, not that Footlocker seem to care about this.

    It has now been 11 days of continual messaging to have received no replies. I have spent hours trying to get this matter resolved and nothing.

    I am sure you can appreciate my complete frustration at the way I have been treated. I have bought many shoes over the years for my sons from Footlocker, although from Guildford branch (now sadly closed). My son STILL hasn’t got his Christmas present. It is a farce and shame on you!

    I shall not give up my complaint. Rest assured that I will do everything I can to get this matter resolved to my satisfaction.

    Just to reiterate I appreciate mistakes happen but companies should, if it is THEIR error, sort the problem out, without making the customer run here there and everywhere. I was upset now I am beyond furious.

    I would appreciate someone, somewhere getting back to me, otherwise I will be taking this matter to trading standards, CAB and even, if absolutely necessary a solicitor.