Ashley Stewart Corporate Head Office

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Ashley Stewart Head Office Headquarters
Ashley Stewart Ltd.
4 Margaret St.
London, W1W 8RF UK
Corporate Phone Number: +44-20-7580-9103
Fax Number: +44-20-7580-9104
Customer Service Number: +44-20-7580-9103

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  1. I am so frustrated with Ashley Stewart at this point. I feel as though I have been ripped off, disrespected, and devalued. I will never purchase another item from this site again, nor will I be patronizing any of your stores.

    I have a formal affair coming up. I purchased my dress on 10/25/17 with priority mailing (with a 2-3 day)delivery. I still do not have the dress and it is now the 30th. I accessed the system for a shipping status, and it stated "I had no record" of my purchase. Thankfully I kept the email confirmation. I called customer service to inquire about my purchases. After waiting for 10 minutes to speak with someone..the first customer service rep after listening to my concern, was disconnected, or the call dropped. I called back waited another 10-12 minutes. This customer service rep listened, and then I listened--she was eating in my ear. Her explaination to me is:" We have been having a problem getting our merchandise out the warehouse." Ok, but what about my purchase, at this point I want a full refund of my priority monies since that has not happened. I'm not even sure I'm going to receive the dress in time, so now I have to try to scramble and find another one, and I have purchased accessories for this dress I don't have. I work Monday-Friday, that makes it difficult to shop after work by the time I get off. The whole point to me ordering the dress priority-was so I wouldn't be caught in this situation. This is my 1st and & last time dealing with Ashley Stewart. Get your act together!!


    Mz. Renee Cooper