Aldi Head Office Information - Phone Number and Address

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Aldi Corporate Head Office Headquarters HQ
Official Address:
Eckenbergstrasse 16
Essen, 45307 DEU
Corporate Phone Number: +49-201-8593-0
Corporate Fax Number: +49-201-8593-319

Aldi UK
Holly Lane, Atherstone,
Warwickshire CV9 2SQ UK

Aldi UK Phone Number: 0800 042 0800

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  1. Yesterday I went into Aldi in Lichfield to purchase some fireworks. Unusually it was not particularly busy so I thought the experience would be good - how wrong I was on so many fronts! I do not believe that waiting 20 minutes for fireworks is acceptable, as I could have purchased elsewhere, experiencing a quicker and more enjoyable experience. Firstly you have to queue up and pay for your fireworks so you have to wait in the queue. Then an assistant is called and she then has to walk down the opposite end of the store and then you wait with no explanation. After 15 minutes I stopped the Assistant Store Manager(noted position but unfortunately not name) who was impolite and needed additional training in customer care. As he walked past me not even stopping, he shouted 'the fire service has told us to do it this way - we have to store them in different containers'. He couldn't have cared less about the experience of the consumer. Stop! I am the consumer, I am understanding about Health and Safety, but I expect someone to stop, smile and explain the situation in a non-threatening way through the eyes of the customer, not through his eyes!
    Whereas Health and Safety is paramount and as a customer my opinion does not count(through the eyes of the Assistant Manager) there are small adjustments that could be put in place to relieve stress for both parties. For example on the day BEFORE November 5th or ON the day when it is going to be busier, maybe take the order on a desk and then get the fireworks ready for when the customer goes through check out, maybe have a smaller fireproof container(Sainsburys does this) close to the check out which can be topped up regularly where you get the fireworks in a more efficient manner, or simply putting a notice up explaining about Health and Safety and saying there will be a wait. Maybe splitting teams of people who can talk to each other and say what is needed. BUT, THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT IS GOOD STAFF TRAINING WHICH LEADS TO GOOD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE! As I left another customer who had just purchased Giant Sparklers for £1.65 and nothing else was looking very worried she also had at least 15 minutes wait ahead and she was unsure whether to ask for her money back!